Monday, March 10, 2014

Member Meeting March 8, 2014

Saturday, March 08, 2014

The meeting was called to order by Dave Lyddon. 

Dave stated that after the Four Courts Group disbanded a steering committee formed to suggest a slate of officers and to outline a plan for the Pickleball Group going forward.

Penny Cobb questioned the need for more than one Vice President and Michael Brandon explained that we do not yet have a constitution and that the present slate will serve us until one is adopted. 

Michael recounted the history of his growing involvement in tournament play and how tournaments have helped other parks to draw increasing numbers of skilled players and to expand the parks themselves.

Bert Coates and Michael talked about their recent meeting with George O’Leary and Annette Weinell during which George said that four new pickleball courts will be installed by June. He said that RCW will pay for everything except pickleballs. The existing courts will be refurbished to include setting new posts and new nets. Michael and Bert described to George the Pickleball Group’s plan to bring tournament play to the Park beginning next season and how tournaments should bring new people to the Park and make the money needed to support the Group. They also told George we would probably not do another spaghetti dinner fundraiser because that would consume resources and energy that might better be devoted to our development plan.

Dave Lyddon requested a show of hands of those supporting the slate of officers presented here below:
President Michael Brandon
Vice-Presidents Bert Coates
Don Heimke
Sally Lyddon
Communications Allan Schreiber
Treasurer Mike Wood
Secretary Dave Lyddon
The slate was accepted unanimously.

Michael talked about his desire to have all of us serve as ambassadors for RCW/pickleball when we return to our northern homes. To that end, George has agreed to print a brochure for us if we will furnish the information we believe should be included. Michael stated his belief that it is of utmost importance that we work WITH George as we develop.

Allan Schreiber said he is working on a Google group to facilitate communication. More information on his effort is  forthcoming.

Michael stated that we were fortunate that other parks have gone before us in setting up their pickleball programs so that we do not have to invent every wheel. He said Palm Creek has an excellent blog we can look at. 

Penny suggested that placement of gates to the courts was something that we should address with George.

Bert stated that the Senior Games take place next week at Robson Resort in Green Valley. For anyone wanting to see high level play, that would be a good place to visit. He also suggested we have another CAN/AM tournament within the Park. A show of hands suggested that many players will depart for colder destinations by the end of March or early April so he suggested the CAN/AM be held on March 26th or 29th. Bert will post a sign-up sheet.

Dave asked for a show of hands to indicate membership support for the Pickleball Group blueprint for growth as laid out by the officers. The members indicated approval and the meeting was ended.

Dave Lyddon

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