Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Co_rts are Ready For Play

This morning, 3 of us showed up to play the first games on our new co_rts.  They are excellent.  The nets are the top quality ones, and as we found out are not as forgiving as the ones we were used to here.  We were even able to do some skills practice.

But, something was missing. "U".

If any of "U" are at Rincon, we will play again on Saturday morning, November 1 at 8 am, and then set up a temporary schedule of play for November.

Once we have an idea of when we will be playing I will publish it here and have the office link to it on the Rincon Country West Facebook page.

Those who are here, welcome back.  Those who aren't; we miss you.

C'mon Back!!

Michael Brandon
Rincon Country West Pickleball Club

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