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Shootout at the Rincon Corral

Well, this year we step towards the big leagues, as we run our first tournament for pickleballers around the state of Arizona (and beyond if they choose to come).

Now that we have 8 courts available, and can provide 4 temporary courts, we will be able to run a 12 court tournament.

If you are interested in signing up with a partner for the tournament come join in the fun.  Here is the link to the tournament web page and registration.

This is an opportunity for our pickleballers to join in the tournament fun near home.  Having experienced several tournaments the fun is not in winning, though that it nice.  The fun is in meeting other players, testing your skills against them, and enjoying a few days in the sunshine watching and participating with other like minded individuals.

We hope that you will participate, and that you will also volunteer to help out with this endeavor.

But, here is most of the information located on the tournament web page for your review as well.

This is the first year for the Rincon Country West (RCW) Pickleball Club “Shootout at the Rincon Corral”. 
The timing of this tournament is intentional as it immediately precedes the Green Valley, Palm Creek and Robson Ranch tournaments in March.  Think of it as a tune up tournament. 
Events will be for skill levels 3.0 - 4.0 ONLY  in Men's Doubles, Women's Doubles and Mixed Doubles. 
Also note that those who sign up to be members of the RCW Pickleball Club either temporarily or for the season will be able to participate in skill level Round Robins throughout the month of February, 2015.  See the Other Registration Information tab under Pre-tournament Round Robins for details. 
We are commencing the tournament with coaching clinics the day before the tournament begins.  See the Other Registration Information tab under Pickleball Clinics for details. 
For those RVers wishing to come to Rincon earlier or stay later, see the notes in Accommodation re the special RCW is holding for tournament participants, including free membership to the RCW Pickleball Club. 
All events are doubles, and each doubles partner must complete their own on line registration, sign the online waiver and pay their fees through PayPal.  Entry order and placement on event limit list will be determined by the online registration date of the LATTER partner of the team to register. 
Registration is not complete until online waiver signature is completed and fee payment is received. 
If you want to add or change an event or your partner after you have submitted your initial registration, update your registration online, including any increase in payment.  If you are due a refund, we will process it and return it to your PayPal account or the credit card that was originally charged. 
Events begin at 8:00am, check-in opens at 7:00am.  Check-in at least 30 minutes prior to start time each day. If you are playing on two days, you must check in each day.
Staggered start times, if used, will be sent out, via email only, the week of the tournament. 
Rain delay makeup date – Saturday, February 28. 
Competition Events 
Mens Doubles Skill (3.0 or greater skill levels only): Wed 02/25/15 (by skill level)
Mixed Doubles Skill Groups (3.0 or greater skill levels only): Thu 02/26/15 (by skill level)
Womens Doubles Skill Groups (3.0 or greater skill levels only): Fri 02/27/15 (by skill level)

Registration Information 
Player's age as of: 12/31/15
Minimum Age of Player: 50
Registration Starts: 12/01/14
Final Registration Deadline (Received by): 02/10/15 
Other Registration Information 
Membership - 1 Month Pickleball Club Membership($10), 1 Week Pickleball Club Membership($5), Full Season Pickleball Club Membership($20) 
Pre Tournament Clinic (Advanced Clinic 2 pm Feb 24($10), Both Clinics($20), Novice Clinic 10 am Feb. 24($10)) 
Club Membership
Rincon Country West Pickleball Club is a membership club. Registrants for the tournament are not required to be members to play in the tournament. 
However, you may wish to practice at our facility prior to the tournament and so may wish to avail yourself of the 1 week membership for $5.00 or a 1 month membership for $10.00. The 1 week membership entitles you to play at any time club facilities are available for a 1 week period prior to the tournament or with the 1 month membership for a 1 month period that may include time prior to and after the tournament. 
You may also join the club for the remainder of the club fiscal year ending on April 30, 2015 for $20.00. 
You may select membership events when registering for the tournament or may update your registration at a later date. You do not need to select the membership event here if you will be staying at Rincon Country West RV Resort (RCW).  
See the Lodging and Accommodation section for details of the special pricing at RCW, inclusive of Club Membership. 
Pre-Tournament Round Robins 
All teams that have chosen to be members of the Rincon Country West Pickleball Club in the month leading up to the tournament will be able to participate in Round Robin mini tournaments at RCW weekly prior to the tournament. Schedules will be announced for weekly Round Robins in all skill groups and pairings.  
This will allow players who wish to get competition in the run up to the tournament and in preparation for the March tournaments at their skill level to play with and against those they will meet in the tournament. 
Pickleball Clinics
We will be holding two clinics on February 24, 2015 the day before the commencement of the tournament. 
Gigi LeMaster and Dee Davison, two accomplished pickleball players from Surprise, Arizona will be conducting a clinic for Novice and Beginner Players at 10 am, and a clinic for Intermediate/Advance players at 2 pm. Gigi is a multiple USAPA National & Tournament of Champion medalist and pickleball coach. Dee has medaled in many tournaments, coached and developed a strong player development program at Sun City Festival.  
Together they will provide a dynamic clinic. 
The Novice Clinic, which will be a demonstration clinic, will focus on the following areas of play: Importance of good footwork, proper mechanics for a dink, drop shot, serve & return of serve and discussion on player court responsibility. 
The Intermediate/Advanced Clinic will focus on: Review proper mechanics and purpose of basic shots, provide two-person drills for player development and discuss intermediate strategy. 
Gigi and Dee will be providing private lessons for individuals and pairs as time permits, and you will be advised of the opportunity and invited to sign up for private lessons as details are firmed up. 
Rules/Format of Play 
Please note that we will be playing Round Robin format, rather than double elimination. Each team will be guaranteed at least 3 matches, though most will be guaranteed more.
See notes in Other Registration Information re Pre-tournament Round Robins. 
Matches in the first Round Robin play will be 1 game to 15, win by 2. All elimination Round Robins after that or other elimination games will be played 1 to 15, win by 2. Medal matches will be 2 of 3 to 11, win by 2. 
Each skill bracket will be broken into pools and teams will play each other team in their pool. It is our intention to have pools of 4 teams, though we may have to accommodate different numbers depending on registrations. 
We hope not to have to limit registration, and will attempt to include all who sign up. 
We intend that all teams will advance after the first pool rounds to either an elimination second pool round based on placement in the first pool for brackets. After completion of the second round, some will advance to medals based on size of bracket and number of pools. The rules for advancement differ slightly depending on how many pools there are in each bracket. 
For example, where we have 16 teams, they will play in 4 pools in the first set of Round Robins, (Pools 1-4). The winners of each pool will then play in a new pool (Pool 5), and the 2nd through 4thplace teams will be split into 3 additional pools (Pools 6-8). After the second set of Round Robins the 1st and 2nd place teams in Pool 5 will advance to medals. The winners of Pools 6-8 will play to get a winner that will play against the 2nd place finisher in Pool 5 for Bronze with the winner playing the 1st place finisher in Pool 5 for Gold and Silver. 
There is no quiz to see if you got it right. That will be our job. 
Suffice to say that in this example, each team is guaranteed 6 matches during the day.
Final details on format will be released after Registration is closed, so you can know the rules for your particular bracket. 
Additional Note – If we have enough 70+ teams registered (where both members of the team are 70 or older) we may be able to separate the 50-70 age group from the 70+ and consider them separate events. This will be done based on registrations and all registrants will be advised of such changes. 
Please see Other Registration Information for Club Membership and for the Beginner/Novice and Intermediate/Advanced Clinic and private lessons offered.

Michael Brandon
Rincon Country West Pickleball Club

Tournament Director
2015 Shootout at the Rincon Corral

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