Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pickleball at Rincon Country West RV Resort for Club Members and Non Members

We have been feeling our way along about how to build pickleball here at Rincon Country West RV Resort, so that it will become attractive to residents, and to people looking for a resort that offers pickleball.  Our primary response to this requirement was the creation of and ongoing expansion of the Rincon Country West Pickleball Club.

Although we believe that it might be in the best interest of all pickleball players with the programs we are running and expanding upon, we are aware also that residents must have the opportunity to play pickleball without being required to join the pickleball club. 

As we have created some confusion ourselves in our efforts to improve opportunities for play and for skill development, and have hurt some feelings along the way, we have documented what playing pickleball here at RCW means for club members and for non members, including guests.

The following is being posted at the sign boards by each set of courts to clarify access to the facilities, and to paddles and balls for members and for non members.  We have also provided this to RCW management and to the Activities Office so that there is a clear and common voice about how the needs of members and non members/guests are to be met regarding pickleball participation.
Rincon Country West RV Resort has 8 pickleball courts provided by the resort for the enjoyment of residents, their guests and for the use of the Rincon Country West Pickleball Club.  These courts are available for play, both organized club play for Rincon Country West Pickleball Club members and for individual use of residents.
The Resort has an organized pickleball club, The Rincon Country West Pickleball Club which has scheduled play and activities, including Drop in Play, Open Play, tournaments, and Round Robin/Shootout events, and training sessions for new players, ongoing training support, and Skills and Drills for more advanced players. 
All of the above activities, except for training sessions for new players are limited to club members. 
Non Member Residents and their guests, wishing to play pickleball at RCW are not required to join the RCW Pickleball Club. However, during those times when the courts are reserved for Club activities, nonmembers may play only on courts not being used by club members.  So, if for example, 6 courts are in use for Drop in Play, then non members may make use of the remaining two courts.  In the event that all courts are in use for club activities or become in use during scheduled club times, then non members may have to cede their use of the courts at that particular time only. 
When there are no club activities scheduled, then non members can use any available court, and no priority exists for club members. 
Non members may also make use of loaner paddles stored in the metal cabinets by each set of courts and the club pickleballs that are in the ball holders on any court they play on.  Additionally, non members participating in a new player lesson may use club owned paddles for that time period. 
The purpose of the RCW Pickleball Club is to promote the game of pickleball, safety in play, and skill development in the game of pickleball.  We do this through the various activities mentioned above.  In particular we have a number of members who are available to help members with their game, including advice on techniques and drills to improve. 
To allow those who are unsure whether they wish to participate in the club, we have a program that allows first time players to come on one occasion as guests of the Club to play during Drop in Play, which is on the schedule on the notice boards at the new courts.  Players may in addition attend a new player session, if they choose.
If players are still unsure whether they wish to participate in the RCW Pickleball Club, we provide a 1 week free membership to further look the club over, before deciding whether to commit to being a member of the club. 
At any time prior to the completion of the free week, players may choose to join for a month or for the club year, which begins November 1, and ends on April 30 of the following year.  Our membership fees for in park residents are $10 per month, and $15 for the balance of the club year. 
If players do not wish to participate in the club, then they are free to use the courts as described above for non members, and to use club paddles and balls made available for their use.
We acknowledge that this attempt to clarify how members and non members are to interact at the pickleball courts may still be incomplete and may require further clarification.  In the event that this document still causes concerns, please feel free to address the concerns directly with a board member of the club or by emailing the President, Michael Brandon directly at

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