Monday, November 17, 2014

Shootout at the Rincon Corral

On Wednesday November 19, at 12:30 Tina and I will be hosting a shootout involving about 20 3.5-4.0 rated players here on the new courts at Rincon Country West.  We will also have about 8 referees from Tucson Racquet and Fitness Club (TRFC) who were trained recently, and need to get some game experience prior to the upcoming Tucson Senior Games in January being held at TRFC.

This will be a shootout style of mini tournament.  A shootout involves all players assigned to a court playing with each other player on that court as their partner in one game.  So, if there are 5 to a court, there will be 4 games necessary so that each player plays with each other player, and in this case also gets to sit out one game.  After the first round of shootout, the winners of each court will have a court and have their own shootout, to see who is the king/queen of the hill, at least for Wednesday.

Depending on who is up for it, we might have additional shootout rounds for the second place finishers and third and fourth from each court.

After the games, we will be moving up by the pool to have barbecued brats with chips, and beer, and wine to drink.

Tina and I are hosting this and it will be at our cost, with no expenses absorbed by the Club.

I hope that nobody is offended by who I have invited, so I am writing to explain my purpose, and to invite those who are here to come and watch, and have some beer and brats afterwards.

I have chosen to do this event because I am hoping that what we learn from it will allow us to provide similar opportunities for the different levels of play here at our club to have similar interactions with members of other clubs over the winter.  Trying to get players from different clubs to see if it fits their schedule was a bit more work than I anticipated, and I am hoping that it will get easier.  As I have contacts in various clubs I plan to use these to arrange other events.

Most of the players I have invited are signed up to play at the 3.5 to 4.0 levels at the Tucson Senior Games.  It was the group I was most familiar with personally, and so the one I have had the most contact with in the last year.  I have also invited other 3.5 players I know and some of the best players that are currently here at Rincon.  I added the Rincon players after I knew how many from the outside would be coming, and so had to keep the numbers low, so we could play it out in a 2 hour span.

If we do this in future, which I hope we can, then we will give more and better opportunities for participation of all club members by having various calibers of play on different occasions.

Please let me know either at the courts on Tuesday or by email if you wish to come for BBQ, and maybe to watch some of the games.


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