Monday, March 16, 2015

In House Tournament Shootout at the Rincon Corral Part Deux

Pardon the delay in reporting on the results of our second tournament, the Members Only event held on February 25, 2015.

For this event, we had 29 members signed up, which all agree was pretty good for a first time event. If you did not sign up and did not play, you missed a fun time.  But, we will do it again next year, with hopefully more participation.

Since most players did not sign up with a partner, and we did not have occasion to match people up, our format was to play shootouts, where each player in a pool played with each other player in the pool as their partner.

For Women's play we had two pools of 4, as we did for Men's 3.0 and 3.5.  Each player in each pool had each other player in their pool as their partner for one game, and we recorded the score for each individual in each game.  In these categories, the first 2 from each pool played in a new pool, in the same format to find winners.  Those who finished 3rd and 4th in the pools were also paired for a runner up pool.

For Men's 2.5 we had 5 players and so played a double Round Robin Shootout in that group.

One thing I particularly noticed as I was refereeing Women's games mainly was that the quality of play has grown this year.  Others observed the same with the Men's groups as well.

In Women's play, Shelley Lang was the eventual winner, followed by Mary Craig, Kathy Hughes and Deb Holtkamp.  The other participants and order of finish were Sally Lyddon, Bonnie Howarde, Chris Ferrell, and Fay Austin.

In Men's 2.5 play the winner was Rick Chase, ahead of Keith Hawking.  Ralph Siedel who had stepped in to fill a hole, Bob Hughes and Jerry Baddgor,   In this group, it was obvious that time had been spent on the boards working on shots, and in practicing, as the skill improvement from the first of the season was significant.

The 3.0 Men's winners pool was won by Al Strom, followed very closely by Phil (Coach) Roach. Chuck Barela and Jim Craig were not that far behind them.  The runner up pool was won by Bill Wiethern, followed by Powell Clinton, Dve Bezaire, and Jim Harris.

The 3.5 Men had some interesting games, and the level of short game play was significantly greater than earlier in the year.  Bob McCormick, the USAPA Ambassador from Sedona AZ, won over Ron Garwood, Rob Silver and Ken Zacharias.  In the Runner up pool, Bert Coates won, followed by Bill Brown and Mike Wood in a tie, with Bruce Gluski 1 point behind.

As with other events, we concluded with a barbecue of brats, served with condiments, salad stuff and cold beverages on the putting greens.

If my observation is correct, everyone had a good time, and we can expect more of the same next year.

In the interim, Rob Silver and a small group are working to arrange for some more shootouts, with the first one being Wednesday, March 18, at 1 pm.  Please sign up at the courts.

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