Saturday, March 15, 2014

Pickleball Skill Building - Overview

Pickleball Skill Building


Anyone who has played Pickleball knows how much fun it is.  It is hard to play pickleball only once.  But, there comes a time when some of us want to improve our skills in the game so that we can play better and also play against better players.  

If you have played pickleball for some time, you have noticed that your skill has improved.  Shots you would miss are now makeable.  Your serves go in play more often.  But, to really improve skills requires not just playing games, but actually focusing on building skills that are a part of the game.
If you do not know what the skills are that need improvement, or how to go about improving them, then you are kind of stuck.  But, of course, pickleball is so much fun that even then it is not a bad place to be stuck. 

Play in a game of pickleball is composed of 4 components; they are as follows:
  1)      The Serve
  2)      The Return of Serve
  3)      The Third Shot
  4)      The Rally.

Below are drills that combine some or all of the first three, and additional drills that focus on #4.
What can be called the Rally involves 4 types of shots.  Elements of these same shots may be found in Return of Serve, and the Third shot, and drills for The Rally are useful for building skills in them as well.  They are:
  1)      Dinking
  2)      Overhead Shots and Lobs
  3)      Volleys
  4)      Ground Strokes.

The drills themselves that follow are taken from (though usually modified for language only), and we should all appreciate the efforts that went in to developing them in the first place.  There are other interesting tidbits and information on that site as well.

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